For Buyers:

Can these be played offline? No, you can’t play games offline like you used to in the past. Majority of games are online based games and are only meant to be played where Xbox Live is accepted.

Is this legit? Is selling game accounts legal? It is perfectly legal. There is no law in a Constitution of a country that prohibits the sale of digital property or licenses. You can view this article where we speak on this matter here.

What happens if my account gets banned? Microsoft doesn't ban accounts permanently. If you try logging into your account and it says that is has been banned or locked then simply follow the instructions Microsoft gives you to unlock the account. It take less than 5 minutes to unlock any account. You will need to add a phone number on file and you will not have this problem again.

How will I get the game? After payment, we’ll send you instructions on how to download the game. You will send in a code that will be used to connect the account your buying to your Xbox.

What if the login doesn’t work? We will ask you to remove the account and resend us the code.

Will anyone have access to my XBOX? No. You will only have access to the account that was giving to you after purchase.

I want my money back, how can I process a refund? After the account has been accessed, we can NOT process a refund.

Why do we ask for your Xbox serial number? We may ask for you serial number to identify or verify your connection.

For Sellers:

How long does it take to get paid? It typically take anywhere from 7 to 14 days.

Will my information be shared with any third parties? No, we will not share any information that you provide to anyone. When we connect someone to your account, they will not receive any username or password to be able to access account.

Will I be able to use my game share after selling it? If you sell your game share or home Xbox then No. If you are renting then you will be able to use your game share after the periodical contract has expired.

How much do earn when selling or renting? You will earn up to 90% when selling your home Xbox and up to 85% when selling your game share. When you rent your games, you will earn 10% from a one month game share subscription up to 25% from a three month subscription. When you rent your home Xbox, then you will earn 15% from a one month subscription up to 40% on a three month subscription.

Will anyone be able to change or monitor my account? No, we do not share your username or password with anyone.

For Affiliates

How much do I earn per commission? You will earn 20% on all final purchases.

Do I make recurring revenue for rented games? Yes, you are eligible to earn recurring commission if the buyer decides to rent another month or three month.

How long does it take to be accepted into the affiliate membership program? Everyone isn't accepted into the affiliate program. Please sign up and we will contact you via email in less than 48 hours to let you know if you are accepted or not.